The Effect of Bacterial Inoculation and Sowing Date on Productive and Qualitative Traits of Green And Dry Broad Bean (Vicia faba L.)

Moayad Zahr Al deen Darwish
General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research ،Administration of Horticulture Research
Faculty of Agriculture,Damascus University,


This study was conducted at Altyba  research station which belongs to GCSAR(1) during the growing season 2011/2012 to study the effect ofbacterial inoculation and Sowing date on some productivity and qualitative traits of  green and dryfaba Bean. The Experiment was laid according to Split-Split-plot design, with Tow variety of faba bean (improvement Baladi,Histal), the Experiment wascultivate in tow planting date (30/11 and 15/12/2011), the amount of seeds had been divided into two parts: while the first part (half of seeds) was treated with bacterial incoulator (rhizobium), the second left (another half of seeds) without treatment, as control.with three replicates into every one.

The results showed that seeds  inoculations with (Rhizobia leguminosarume) led to significant increase in the yield medium  of  green pods (13510 kg.h-1) and dry seeds (2152 kg.h-1), andit,s components such as 100 green seeds weight (346 g), and the green pods number in plant (21.3pod/plant) .also significant differences noticed  in branch number in plant (5.36 branch/ plant), and days number until  begun flowering (53.85 day),  also led to significant increase in green and dry seeds respectively content of protein (6.54, 27.27 %), compert with un incoulator plant treatment respectively (12690 kg.h-1, 1920kg.h-1, 322 g, 15.9 pod/ plant, 4.64 branch/ plant, 55.8 day, 5.36%, 25.36%).

Results showed that the first planting (30/11) led to significant effect in the yield of green pods (14498 kg.h-1) and dry seeds (2041kg.h-1)and 100 green seeds weight (350.3 g),compert with scound planting respectively (11702kg.h-1, 1931kg.h-1 , 317.5 g).

Interaction results between inoculation and planting date showed that significant increase in the most studied traits, especially  the  average yield of  green pods (15303 kg.h-1) and dry seeds (2372 kg.h-1)  for the local variety (Baladi) when sown on the first planting date (30/11) and treated with bacterial inoculation.

Key words: Bacterial inoculation, Sowing date, Broad beans., Yield, Rhizobium.

(1): GCSAR: General commission of Agriculture Scientific