Morphological and Molecular Characterization of wild Apple in Lattakia Mountains and Grafting of Important Varieties

Eyad Mahmoud Dannoura
Department of Horticulture, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research (GCSAR)
Faculty of Agriculture, Tishreen University


     This  study  was  carried out  on  the  wild apple  prevailing  Malus trilobata (Lab) in Lattakia mountains, during  (2013 – 2017), in ten area (pichraghe, helbako, almonaizlah, raas al chaara, aldalia, aleriza, beet zantot, zanuo, kherpat alsendiana, gaopet bergal  ),in height between (730-1250) m on see standard.
The aims of this research were to morphologically and Molecular characterize, Micropropagation and agerrment wild apple Malus trilobata (Lab)With Two Varieties Apple (Starking Delicious and Golden Delicious), to evaluate the genetic variability between 27 genotypes in Lattakia mountains, using12 quality morphological traits, the results allowed the distinction between the studied genotypes based on the studied morphological characterization, he cluster analysis for (12) characteristics were divided into two groups variation ratio even (59 %).
The results Molecular characterize also proved the efficiency of applied technique (RAPD) in demonstrating clear differences between the studied  genotypes collected from different areas,Wherein all primers produced 92 fragments and showed efficiency in detecting genetic variation between the genotypes, Only thirty-seven fragments were polymorphic and allowed to detect an average of genetic variability equal to 40.21% and helping in preparing the relevant dendrogram, the cluster analysis were divided into two groups variation ratio even (29 %).
This Study To Reach Successful And Detailed In Vitro Propagation System For Rapid Micropropagation Of Wild Apple Malus trilobata (Lab), The Concentration (1.58%  Sodium Hypochlorite) With 60 Minutes  To Give Best Surface Sterilized,Tow Concentrations 0.5, 1 Mg\L BAP To Give Best Mean Length Of Shoots And Mean Number, The Concentration 0.25 Mg\L IBA To Give Best Percentage Of Rooting And Mean Number Of Roots, The Concentration 0.75 Mg\L To Give Best Mean Length Of Roots.
Depending on results of  grafting in varieties apple (Starking Delicious and Golden Delicious) it can be considered the grafting in cleft of good method.

Key word: Wild Apple, Morphological Characterization, Molecular Characterization, micropropagation, grafting