meeting of GSP National Team on 3 July 2018

Under the patronage of Dr. Magda Mohammed Mofleh, Director General of GCSAR, the first meeting of GSP National Team was held on 3 July 2018, in the presence of Dr. Bahaa Al-rahban, Deputy of Director General. Dr. Manhal Alzoubi presented the importance of establishing a national team to work with The Global soil Partnership GSP, the Five Pillars of GSP, Syria chaired the second pillar, the NENA work Plan, the Global Soil Laboratory Network GLOSOLAN, the International Network of Soil Information Institutions INSII, International Network of Black Soils INBS, soil doctors programme and the celebration of the World Soil Day.
After the presentation, the national team headquarters and the GIS laboratory were opened in Al-Hijaz and the work of the five pillars was distributed to the national team, furthermore the team was nominated for the international networks