The Effect of Foliar Potassium, Boron and Organic Fertilizer Humus in Productivity and Quality of Saffron flowers (Crocus sativus L)

Reem Rustom
General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research ,Administration of Horticulture.
Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University


The experiment was performed at Faculty of Agricultural Engineering – Basateen  Abu Jerash- during the period 2016-2017 to  investigate the effect of Foliar on potassium, boron and humic organic fertilizer on saffron and productivity. The experiment showed superior treatment of  foliar with Humic organic fertilizer (3 ml / L) in dry weight of the stigma and the length of the stigma , which were 0.033 g and 3.8 cm respectively compared to the control, It pointed out that the treatment of (Humic + Potassium1) (3 ml / L +3 g / l) is superior to the control in the average diameter of the corms, where it was 3cm.While the treatment  Humic + Boron 1 (3 ml / L + 20 mg / L) was superior to the number of flowers and the weight of corms, with a value of 6.33 and 11.467g respectively. Whereas the treatment Humic + boron 2 (3 ml / l + 10 mg / l) was superior to the control in the content of  Saffronal and bicrocercin 45.8 μg / g and 64.58 μg / g respectively and the number of papers reached  to 23.33 sheets, The treatment of (potassium1 + boron 1) (3 g / L + 20 mg / l) also contributed to the increase in dry stigma content of 152.16 μg / g, Also, the weight of the petals increased from the treatment of the witness to (0.433) at the treatment (potassium 2+ Boron 1) (2 g / L + 20 mg / L), Finally, treatment of the mixture (humic + potassium 2+ boron 2) (3 ml / l +2 g / l +10 mg / l) exceeded the length of the leaves and the number of engagements formed 29.167 cm and 3.067.

Keywords: saffron, humic, potassium, boron