A Descriptive Study of Almond “Amygdalus spp.”in the Coastal Region

Yakoob Gareeb
General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research-
Lattakia Research Center
Tishreen University, Faculty of Agriculture


This research aimed to determine the characteristics of grown and wild types that belong to almond genus in the Syrian coastal region (Lattakia and Tartous). To achieve this aim, three parameters were used (morphological, physiological, and palynological).
The obtained results revealed that there are seven clusters contain morphotypes belong to Amygdalus communis, four clusters contain morphotypes may be belong to A. korschinskii, and one cluster contains morphotypes may be belong to A. orientalis. So, on the contrary of almost of the studies have been carried out on almond which refer to exist just one species of almond in the Syrian coastal region, and according to the results mentioned above, we can say that a characterization of 12 clusters may be follow three species of almond, has been done in this region.