Study the Effect of Frying on the Stability of Some Oil Mixtures

Anas Theban
General Commission of Scientific Agricultural Research- Department of Food Technology,
Factually of Agriculture-Damascus University,


The aim of this study is to search for the effect of frying on physical, and chemical properties  of  the  following vegetarian oils : cotton seed, sunflower, soy, corn, sesame as adducers oils – as well as to study the effect of mixing different  ratios of sesame oil 10%, 20% to the other studied oils, and to develop the changes resulted from this addition during the process of frying potato.
The statistical analysis was conducted according to split plot design for the adducers modulies, and the mixed oils by using ssps15,Gen Stat model  to determine the L.S.D and analysis variance at confidence level of 1%.
This study showed an increase in the values of refractive acids during the frying process in all of the studied adducers oils,Howevr there was a declining in the value of iodine number.
The results also showed that there was no remarkable impact by the addition of sesame oil at the ratio of 10% on the previous values, but its addition at the ratio of 20% had  a noticeable  role in reducing the increase in the studied values,as comparing with the ratio, of 10%.
The results  also showed that the cotton_ seed oil was the best for frying potato among the studied oils,then sunflower oil where the proportion of polar compounds and peroxide number were 21.71, 12.54  respectively for cotton seed oil,and 23.19, 13.44 for  sunflower oil respectively when they reached to 30 hours of heating.
The study developed that the mixture of cotton seed oil with 20% of sesame oil was the best of all the studied mixtures where the ratio of polar compounds and peroxide number after heating for 42 hours were 24.35 ,10.33 respectively, then the mixture of sunflower oil with 20% ratio of sesame oil where the proportion of polar compounds  and peroxide number were 25.12 ,12.05 respectievely.That derived to conclude that there is a useful role of sesame oil in delaying  the formation of polar compounds during the frying process.               .