Comparing Actual Water Requirements Calculated by Field Methods with Water Requirements Calculated by Mathematical Models for Groundnut Crop under Different Irrigation Systems

Husam Ahmad AL-Muhammad 
General commission for scientific agricultural Research-
Hama research center
Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University 


Comparing Actual Water Requirements Calculated By Field Methods With Water Requirements Calculated By Mathematical Models For Groundnut Crop Under Different Irrigation Systems.
This research was done on groundnut crop in Tezeen agriculture research station in hama which is one of the central  commission for agriculture scientific research centers the complete random sectors was used in designing this study with four irrigation systems: Drip irrigation ,Sprinkler irrigation, Mini sprinkler irrigation, Surface irrigation and used Mathematical Models for Calculated Water Requirements and it is Cropwat Program, IWR Program.
Irrigation scheduling was done for each technique at 75% of the field capacity.
Results shown that Drip irrigation was  saved irrigation water 58.24%  and it rise water  use efficiency to 1.14 kg/ m³and yield 5920 kg/ ha.
And after it Sprinkler irrigation for saved irrigation water 36.65 %, and  water  use efficiency was0.67 kg/ m³ and yield 5270 kg/ ha. And after it Mini sprinkler irrigation saved irrigation water was 31.98%,  and  water  use efficiency was0.58 kg/ m³ and yield 4940 kg/ ha comparing to surface irrigation water use efficiency was 0.39 kg/m³and yield 4830 kg/ ha.
water consumption was Calculated By Mathematical Models( Cropwat, IWR) and Comparing With Water Requirements Calculated By Field Methods For irrigation Groundnut Crop, water consumption was 9345 m³/ha By Cropwat Program, 8014 m³/ha By IWR Program, 5981 m³/ha By Drip irrigation, 8999 m³/ha By Sprinkler irrigation, 9396 m³/ha By Mini sprinkler irrigation, 13495 m³/ha By Surface irrigation.
Results shown also that water consumption By Mathematical Models (Cropwat, IWR) was accepting with Mini sprinkler irrigation and Sprinkler irrigation systems While if we used  Drip irrigation system we must accurate value Water Requirement with 0.64 percentage and  Surface irrigation system with 1.44 percentage.
Key words: irrigation systems, Water consumption, surface irrigation, groundnut, Mathematical Models .