The Influence of Rootstocks on the Distribution of Some Citrus Varieties Bearing Surface “Washington Navel- Gripe Fruit – Clementine”

Hassan Kamel Soliman
General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research-
Tartous Research Center
Faculty of Agriculture, Tishreen University,


This research was conducted  during (2006-2007) at the citrus experimental station in Siano, Lattakia Research Center. Seventeen years old trees of Washington navel 141, Clementine88, Gripe fruit (Red Blush) budded  on four rootstocks were used    (Sour orange-Carrizo citrange – Citrumelo1452- Cleopatra mandarin).
The results of this study showed the following:
-The best section of the tree canopy is the outer one (1 m depth) which account as a bearing surface.
– Most fruits carried on the first three levels of the bearing surface, near the earth.
-The juice content of the fruit turned to be decreased wherever the fruit position on  the canopy tree increased .
-The fruits of  high quality were found in top and outside of the tree canopy (fruit weight, volume and TSS%) .
-The best horticulture properties  of Washington navel trees were obtained from Carrizo citrange than other rootstocks in this study .
-The best horticulture properties of Clementine mandarin -88, Gripe fruit (Red Blush) trees  were obtained from Citrumelo1452 than other rootstocks in this study.