Effect of Foliar Application with Boron and Calcium on Fruit Quality of Two Olive Varieties Sorani and Kaissi

Ahmad Haj Sulaiman
General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research-
Olive Research Department
Aleppo University, Faculty of Agriculture


Site soil was shallow and poor in organic matter, CaCO3 and active calcium. Foliar application with Ca(NO3) 2 was used with four levels: 0, 6, 8 and 10 g/l. B was used with 0, 12, 18 and 24) mg/l by spraying method at three dates: the first was used post-harvest, the second was used post-fruit setting and third was used at the stage of complete fruit growth.
The results showed positive effects of foliar application with Ca(NO3)2 and B on different morphological and physiological characteristics and on production of both studied varieties with a significant  increase in:
(i) new growth and diameter as compared with control;
(ii) total flower number;
(iii) total fruits after June abscission;
(iv) weight and size of fruits in all treatments;
(v) percentage and thickness of flesh as compared with control; and the oil content was increased from 24.8 to 29.2% in Sorani olive oil. Also percentage of oil content in Kaissi table olive from 21.7to 25%.
Quality analysis of fruit composition showed the following results:
(a) positive increase in average of fiber, protein and ash; and
(b) percentage of total sugar was varied significantly among all treatments  and  control as it reached to about 12.5% in control treatment Sorani. Meanwhile, it reached to 18.8%  in control treatment Kaissi.
These variations may be attributed  to genetic characteristics of both varieties. On the other hand, quality analysis showed significant  increase of fruit content from mineral elements (Ca, Mg , K, P, S, Fe, Na) as compared with control.
Finally, the result revealed that harvesting of fruits at physiological maturity stage significantly contributed to increasing fruit content of Ca that reflected in all treatments and this feature is closely correlated to fineness characteristics of fruits especially in table olives.