The Role of Woman in Rural Development in Rural Area of Derra Province

Kenan Kamal Deen 
General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research-Administration of Socio-Economic Studies Research
Faculty of Agriculture, Aleppo University


The study was conducted in Rural Deraa; on a simple random sample of 235 women from 11 villages.
Starting of the fact women comprise about half of the society, and take care of the rest of the society, the study could recognize the woman role in Rural Deraa.
The results showed that the percent woman traditional marriage at age of (12-18) was 41%. In addition, about 22.6% of women were illiterate, and 41.3% were effectively involved in farming activities (such as raising cows and sheep). Sixty-eight percent have no income and low percentage of interviewees have low participation in organizations. Finally, most of interviewees have high level of health awareness.