The Effect of Treatment of 1-MCP and KMno4 on the Storage Capacity of Apple Golden Delicious and Starking Delicious in Daher al-Kseir Area

Fuad Wassof
General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research-
Homs Research Center
Damascus University, Faculty of Agriculture


This study was conducted at Daher al-Kseir area in Homs (in the middle of Syria) on a farm of 750 m altitude (Mokaabra village) on two varieties Starking Delicious and Golden Delicious during 2007-2008 growing season.
The study aimed to:
1.    Estimate the effect of 1-methelcyclopropan (1-MCP) on the most distributed varieties in Syria at highly productive area of apples, and determine the most suitable harvest date for application.
2.    Estimate the effect of potassium permanganate (KMno4) on fruit quality during storage, and determine the more suitable harvest date for application.
Both of varieties were harvested at three different times, 8 days separating between each sample, to estimate the effect of harvest date and ripening stage in quality traits and its response to treatment by 1-MCP and KMno4.
Analysis and measurements of quality traits were performed at labs of Horticulture Department of Faculty of Agronomy, Damascus University, labs of Nutrition Sciences of Faculty of Agronomy at al-Ba’ath University, and labs of Homs Research Center.
The results were summarized by following points:
–    13/9 to 21/9 is the suitable harvest date for Starking Delicious (in study region).
–    21/9 to 29/9 is the suitable date for harvesting Golden Delicious ranged in the study region too.
–    Application of 1-MCP minimized weight loss and elongated firmness during storage, beside to its effect on titrable acids, starch and total soluble solids, but this not in consistence with firmness and weight loss.
–    Application of KMno4 doesn’t lead to any remarkable results for both varieties.