Characterization of Some Local Population of Citrulls lanatus to Produce Inbred Lines

Falak Kahloos
General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research-
Genebank Department
Aleppo University, Faculty of Agriculture


In this research, 18 types of local watermelon were collected from different Syrian regions.  They were grown at Otaia Station during 5 growing seasons.
The aims of this research were:
1.    Evaluation of the types to be used in the further breeding programs.
2.    Compulsory self-pollination for 4 seasons to produce inbred lines.
3.    Characterization of the inbred lines produced.
As result of this research we got 11 inbreed lines with high degree of genetic stabilization.
1.    Characterization of the studied types where they were very rich of genetic segregation, so this material is very variable to be used in genetic breeding programs in Syria.
2.    Characterization of the inbred lines where they are promising under creation, had led to their use in F1 local seeds production.
3.    Determination of some characteristics which can be considered as a selection index through genetic selection of watermelon.