The Effect of Organic Fertilizer and Time of Addition on Growth and Yield of Cotton (Aleppo 33-1) and Quality of Fibers under al-Ghab Conditions

Ammar Zayoud
General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research-
al-Ghab Research Center
Tishreen University, Faculty of Agriculture


The research was carried out at al-Ghab Research Center during 2006 and 2007 to study the effect of four kinds of organic fertilizers (cow, buffalo, sheep manure and poultry mute), at a rate of 20 ton/ha each, and three times of addition in autumn, spring, half autumn and half spring compared to mineral fertilization and control without fertilization on growth, yield and technological characteristics and to know the best time of organic fertilizer addition. This study has shown the following:
1.    All organic fertilization and mineral fertilization treatments increased significantly in morphosiological, yield, technological characteristics, proportion of oil and winning net compared to control without fertilization through two agricultural seasons.
2.    The length of plants and leaf area index increased significantly by using mineral fertilizer and poultry mute compared to other organic fertilization treatments; however the effect of addition time was insignificant.
3.    The treatment of poultry mute increased significantly in number of fruiting branches, all and open boll per plant, dry weight, and yield kg/ha compared to all other treatments through two agricultural seasons, the proportion of increasing in yield grew up to 74.27, 4.94,,  17.33 15.79 ,11.69% for control, mineral fertilization, (cow, buffalo, and sheep manure) respectively.
4.    There were no significant effects of poultry mute and mineral on length of plants, leaf area index, number of vegetative, weight bolls and lint percentage over the two growing seasons.
5.    There were no significant effects of organic treatments and mineral fertilization on technological characteristics of fiber,  however the effect of addition time was insignificant.
6.    The interaction between kinds of organic fertilizers and dates of addition resulted in poultry mute and addition in autumn.