Study of Infection bovine Keratoconjunctivitis and it’s effect on health and productivity of cattle in Syrian coastal region

Hasan Al Tamury
General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research، Lattakia research center
Tishreen University ,Faculty of Agriculture

This study was conducted in Syrian- Cost to investigate infectious bovine Kerato-Conjunctivitis(IBK) in cattle. A total of 1000 caws were investigated clinically and bacteriologically against the disease.
Out of them 128( 12.8%) were infected 84 (15.84%) of them belong to Video Station , 24 ( 9.6%) to Lattakia villages and 20 ( 9.09%) to Tarttus villages. Highest infection rates (14.54%) were recorded in animals reared out doors. The clinical signs which recorded were congestion of conjuctiva with ocular dischange, blepharospasm, edema and ulceration of the cornea.
The clinical signs were varied according to its severity from mild to severe.
Several species of bacteria were detected ; Moraxella bovis (n=64) . Topical and parental treatment using Ciprofluxacin gave good result eleimination of the infection . The study recorded reducing milk production ( 30-50%) and body weight ( about 25 kg for every infected animal).