Factors affecting soft wood cuttings propagation of Gardenia jasminoides

Amgad Farah
General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research ,Administration of Horticulture.
Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University


In this study, the soft wood cuttings Gardenia Jasminoides of length (8-10 cm) was treated at four different concentrations of the hormone Indole Byotric Acid (IBA) (2000 -4000 – 6000 – 8000 ppm) in addition to the control and then entrench within three rooting mediums (Sand, Perlite, Volcanic Tuff) , In  three dates (April, June, August).
The results showed  the positive effect  of the hormone concentration of the IBA in promoting the response of cuttings in rooting. The concentration 4000 ppm has given  the best results in terms of its effect on the characteristics of root mass. The rooting rate was 63.3% and the average root length was 1.80 cm compared with the rest of the concentrations and also with the control. The concentration 4000 ppm  also exceeded  the rest of the treatments and control   treatment  too ,where  the number of roots reached 20.6 .
The results showed that the best date of taking cuttings was  in April which significantly overcome the rest of other dates by giving  the best ratio of the attributes of shoot, reaching the percentage of rooting to 63.8%  and also by giving   the best  qualities of shoot comparing with the rest treatment, where the number of average roots was 15.63 root , their average length was1.46 cm.
As for rooting mediums, the medium sandy showed a clear superiority and significant differences on the rest of the other mediums  in the percentage, length, number and diameter of the root.
In studying the interaction between the three factors, it was found that sandy remained the best medium in all times  by giving it the best qualities of the root growth, especially when using the concentration of 4000 ppm.
Peatmoss  recorded a significant increase over all the medium used for the growth indicators studied after the rooting of the soft cutting of the Gardenia  plant.

Key words: Gardenia jasminoides, Indole Byotric Acid, soft cutting.