The effect of Monensin and Dried brewer’s yeast inclousion, in the rations of fattening the mixture Kids on some production indicators

Abd AlRahman Alsady
General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research
Animal wealth Research Administration
Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University


This study was conducted in private farm, using a group of 24 growing mixture Kids goat (shamy x Mounten), with an age average of 2.5 months and an initial live weight of 16 kg. the kids were from a twin born and selected directly after weaning. The Kids were randomally divide into 4 groups without significant differences P>0.05 and subjected to similar environmental and nutritional conditions. The adopted hygienic programme was implemented. The Kids were kept in a half opened farm divided into 8 adjacent sections fixed on mental wheals. Kids were fed on a concentrated uniformed ration with the addition of fed supplements to the experimental groups. The second experimental group was given 3 g of dry yeast/1kg concentrated ration. the third experimental was given 8 mg Monensin/1kg live weight, and to the fourth Monensin and yeast were added.
Results showed a clear effect due to inclusion of Monensin and yeast on the live weight of group 4 compared to the group 1(control) (49.4±0.74 vas 45.7±0.74) k.g (P<0.01). While there were no differences by the live weight reached to the degree of significance among the experimental groups (2,3 and 4) between each of other. The average daily gain were the best at group 4 compared the group 1(239 vas 224) g/day. The average of the intake of group 4 from concentrated ration was the least compared with other groups the most intake from concentrated ration was related to group 1. Also group 4 surpassed on group 1 in the average croud protein necessary for introducing 1 k.g live weight. Feed conversion factor for group 4 was 4.337 kg /kg live weight compared to 5.350 kg /kg live weight for the group 1.

Key words: Kids (Shamy x Mounten), Monensin, Dried brewer’s yeast, Production indicators.