a meeting about “drip irrigation by using solar energy”

Concerning to the activities of pilot project on drip irrigation by using solar energy that financed and sported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), a meeting was held at the Ministry of Agriculture – Al-Baramka 19/11/2017, with participating the FAO expert Dr. Wael Saif. The meeting was attended by the General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research GCSAR – Administration of Natural Resources Research ANRR, the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform (Directorate of Modern Irrigation Transformation, the Energy Directorate and the Directorate of Administrative Development) and the Ministry of Water Resources – General Commission for Water Resources.
The meeting included a presentation: technical file of the project, which includes designing of irrigation networks for the target area namely Al-Rabiah village – Homs governorate, designing of technical specifications of drip irrigation systems, designing of the solar system for drip irrigation system and results of soil and water analysis in the target area. It was agreed to send project full file to GCSAR after it was completed by the project team and translated by GCSAR and then send it to FAO to start implementation.